Es la falta de empatía en el trabajo lo que nos devora el alma.

Es la falta de empatía en el trabajo lo que nos devora el alma. La individualidad en la estructura de nuestras compañías es mortal. Se nos ha olvidado que, parte de la evolución ha venido acompañada del desarrollo de lo que llamamos sociedad. Este constructo que nos permite realizar “colaboraciones” entre los individuos que la integran.

La especialización es una enfermedad que deja fuera la maravillosa rutina de lo humano. Lo humano, entendido como la potencialidad de resolver toda clase de “problemas”. Es que ya no somos multi culturales, ni tampoco una variante disciplinada de lo que conocemos como multitarea. Sino más bien, nos hemos convertido en accionadores de tareas sin propósito en pos de una maquinaria gigantesca.

¿Qué sugieren para cambiar esto? ¿Cómo podríamos, desde la individualidad, solventar esta realidad?

My team was disappointed on me.

Friday at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, I asked my team to be on the office at 8:30 am on Monday. They were there and I wasn’t. I forgot about it!

I find it very serious. I’ve been talking about purpose and how to generate trust and this kind of errors are the ones that have a profound impact on teams.

What I did?

I said I was sorry. I didn’t try to make any excuses. I told them I forgot about it, that it was an error and that I understood their feeling of frustration and disappointment.

They told me it was find but their faces told me something else. I’m feeling guilty as hell.

Why I decided to write about it?

When we manage teams we are exposed to making errors and forget commitments. We are humans. But, we have a responsibility with ourselves and the team to right the wrongs and to be true to them.

Maybe this had a huge impact on them, but I’m sure that not saying anything would have been worst.

Lesson learned?

Be real. Tell the truth. And set an alarm! The engagement of your team depends on this.

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How you and your team resonate with each other?

Each and everyone of us has a Personal Soundbox.

The Personal Soundbox is how the; being, gap, strategy, actions and results resonates with the team.

When creating -or being a member of- a team you must be aware of the above; to resonate not only through purpose but the entire self.

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