Stop doing it for nothing

Take courage and do what make sense to you! Period. 1. What’s a purpose? Define: purpose /ˈpəːpəs/ noun: purpose; plural noun: purposes. the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. “the purpose of the meeting is to appoint a trustee” Do you have this in your life? When I started writing … Sigue leyendo Stop doing it for nothing

Why ________ means nothing today?

Because, everyone thinks they are the only ones doing/having/creating it. Because, it’s all about the money. Because, it’s a hype. Because, it lacks of purpose. Because, it’s not open, collaborative nor shared enough. The most important thing about _________ is the path taken to accomplish it and not the results itself. Because, what you learned … Sigue leyendo Why ________ means nothing today?