La confianza en uno mismo

Durante un largo tiempo, he estado buscando afuera; en el budismo, el coaching, la medicina china, etc., alguna forma de sanación más permanente, que me permita acercarme a una sensación de paz. Sin embargo, en general retorno a mi antigua coherencia y vuelvo a sentir que rápidamente pierdo aquello que “gané”. Me imagino que esto es una sensación … Sigue leyendo La confianza en uno mismo

My life’s process

32 years of life, 16 years of transformation and 10 lessons. Unsplash: I’m in the process of accepting who I am. Nowadays, I have more willingness and empowerment to DOING my OWN stuff. I’m aware of my feelings. Nowadays, I’m more open to accepting whatever my feelings are and trying not judge them. I enabled … Sigue leyendo My life’s process

You didn’t hire me!

I chose your company. I’m not to be hired. I’m to be recognized. Gratitude is not to be confused with conformity nor resignation. Gratitude is being grateful to the whole experience of being and receiving from life itself. Certainly you can feel grateful toward your working place, but be aware; some working places have this subtle … Sigue leyendo You didn’t hire me!

What I’ve learned from Erlich Bachman?

The true entrepreneur. (fun~ish) Nowadays is key to make a difference and the only possible way to do that, is to be true to yourselves at every given time. If you’ve seen the Silicon Valley TV series you must know Erlich. (if not, it’s time for you to see it) He is, according to Wikipedia “a … Sigue leyendo What I’ve learned from Erlich Bachman?