All I want; is to be Me.

Everyone is trying to be the best of the best. Creative genius, Superlearner, Serial entrepreneur, etc. Fuck that! Self Energy — Tomás Gauthier There is only; one Steve Jobs, one Bill Gates, one Zuckerberg, etc. And you know why? Because they weren’t trying to be anyone but themselves. They didn’t try to become someone they admire, they found their … Sigue leyendo All I want; is to be Me.

My life’s process

32 years of life, 16 years of transformation and 10 lessons. Unsplash: I’m in the process of accepting who I am. Nowadays, I have more willingness and empowerment to DOING my OWN stuff. I’m aware of my feelings. Nowadays, I’m more open to accepting whatever my feelings are and trying not judge them. I enabled … Sigue leyendo My life’s process

Take care of yourself as an employee

Basic wisdom of my past six years as an employee. Disclaimer: What your are about to read is a don’ts list carefully delivered for you. It’s primary objective is to help you maintain your happiness and increase your chances of leaving a shitty job. Expect anything from your boss. Your boss is a person too (…not). … Sigue leyendo Take care of yourself as an employee