¿Qué es un NFT?

Un token no fungible (TNF, también conocido por la sigla NFT, del inglés non-fungible token) o vale no fungible es un tipo especial de token criptográfico que representa algo único.

Los tókenes no fungibles no son, por tanto, mutuamente intercambiables.

Las cuatro principales características de los NFT es que son únicos, indivisibles, transferibles y con la capacidad de probar su escasez. (Wikipedia)

Steven is a sarcastic and ironic son of a bitch, main character of Floot.

Steven is a sarcastic and ironic son of a bitch, main character of Floot. Always thinking about how to have fun at your expense and very bad breath. Steven is a mystery as to his true intentions, perhaps, in the depths of his being a small heart is glimpsed.

Floot – Dull but weird

Mr. Robbo is a great guy, but a little stiff. He doesn’t really know how you express his emotions and Steven always plays tricks on him. His friends tell him that he must meditate, however, he cannot stay still. He is always scared.

Floot – Dull but weird

Florencio is quite special. Perhaps the weirdest and most boring of all. Behind that smile and his square glasses, he hides a haughty and dismissive personality. His jokes are always on the edge of the tongue and, together with Steven, they make an explosive and very unpleasant duo.

Floot – Dull but weird

Javier is a stoner. That’s basically it.

Floot – Dull but weird

Gus is a musician. Or rather, music. His wave spreads through the metaverse and modifies everything that crosses his path. His mind flies like a rare specimen. Those who are lucky enough to be by his side feel his vibe and fall in love with him. Gus and Le Spacetronaut are great friends.

Floot – Dull but weird

Alberto is a friend of his friends. A caring old soul who always has a word of comfort and hope. However, he lives depressed. The world overwhelms him and intimacy wears him out. His great love has yet to be found; he he does not lose hope.

Floot – Dull but weird

Le Spacetronaut is a guy who is always one step ahead. As I saw in space, he looks down at us calmly. He is always ready to deliver his wisdom from his little bubble. He is a vain person and is always fixing his mustache on earth.

Floot – Dull but weird

Axel is a dedicated guy. He keeps all his promises even if it means making a sacrifice. Together with Mr. Robbo, they devise strategies to get revenge on Steven. Almost always without success.

Floot – Dull but weird

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