We need a new body!

The Metaverse is a new realm and we need an appropriate suit.

If you think about it, our “soul” or essence, the true self, whatever you wanna call it, needs this body, the physical one, in order to experience The Earth.

There are this Laws of Physics that governs the functioning of this particular #Universe that contains this planet.

The Internet, this intertwined network of computers (servers) that simulates a Cloud, [we can see it; write on it, listen to it. Nonetheless, we aren’t able to be a part of it and become “one” with it] will host The #Metaverse.

Parallel levels of abstraction

Our relationship with it is a reflection of the disconnection we feel with our own bodies. We are living (virtually) but we are missing an appropriate interface.

The #Metabody will be the “missing link” in becoming a completely Hybrid Species.

We are creating ourselves (self-replicating in a new level of abstraction); the gods of the Metaverse. This new species, somewhere along the way, won’t be able to differentiate the «physical» from the «meta».

For example, Neuralink (the computer brain interface), in my opinion, will be the cornerstone of this endeavor. The mind will remain “living” and the physical body will be activated in the Metaverse, whilst we are in «deep sleep». An illusion, a simulation. Woken.

But, aren’t we -already- living in one?

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