The hype of Minting NFT

Thoughts and lessons

Yesterday, I experienced the hype of an NFT minting process. Joining the discord and getting to know the people; The Creators, average Jane/Joe, etc. We were all waiting for the minting to go live.

The Team of Creators were streaming, in the discord, talking about the minting, the value of the project, but mostly about their excitement.

It’s been a real surprise to me to discover the Power of Communities in this respect. Learn the specific jargon and be able to navigate uncertainty, anxiety and excitement. All at once!

Nevertheless, is very important to do your research.
Nearly 95% -or more- of the current NFT Projects will fail. But, as in every new endeavor, it’s an opportunity to learn about the lesson and have a better next experience.

Key takes of this experience:

  • The power of community. Follow, listen, read and Steal like an Artist (@austinkleon) meaning: follow people in the community -surround yourself with-, listen to podcasts, spaces, etc. learn from everyone and everywhere, give back and use this knowledge to build your own strategy.
  • Research your crypto niche. Read a lot and go through the wormhole.
  • Be really prepared for losses; so, set aside money you are ready to loose.

This is not, by any means, a financial advise. Just an experience on my early days in the crypto space and the nft world.

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