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Hi all! Excuse me throughout this post, but I would like to share it with you, fellow Senate members.

I’ve been mulling over my vision for the future of the metaverse and the physical world for a while. I have read a lot, and perhaps many of the concepts you will read in this paragraph may be repetitions. But I will venture!

For me, the Metaverse is a new level of abstraction of humanity. We have lived between the digital and the physical for several years, but there has always been a kind of discomfort or connection gap between the two. VR, AR, Google Glass, etc. have been created, but nothing has been able to improve the experience of the virtual world from the physical.

In recent times, in light of the appearance of Neuralink and other technologies, I believe that this or discomfort will gradually disappear. It is in this context that I venture to think the following; If everything related to the consumption of customized goods and services can be done in a virtual way or in the Metaverse and, in addition, we have the technology to experience it from our brains and its correlate in the body, the most sensible thing would be the Standardization of Human Experience in the Physical World.

In other words, part of the problem of climate change has to do with the means of production and their abusive use. There is the luxury market; thousands of models of cars, computers, clothes, glasses, experiences, food, etc. This consumes a greater amount of resources than the Earth can provide. Therefore, if we were to define rational, dignified and legitimized standards by society as a whole, we could make the use of terrestrial resources more efficient by creating only a model of cars, a model of computers, a type of Smartphone; wear the same clothes, shoes, eat a healthy diet, etc.

We have already shown ourselves that, as a global society, we are capable of coordinating, almost in a magical way, the logistics of a series of products that are very different from each other. So I imagine it could be a lot easier if these were standardized.

All of the above must be done by changing the economic model of the world, using the Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and de-centralizing decision-making, in addition to empowering global citizens. Eliminate the marks and design an efficient model of Life in the Physical. Basically, ending competition -for profitability- from the private world; de-centralize and standardize life as we know it.

Part of what I sense, in one way or another, could be carried out in Socialogue. What are your thoughts?

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