Nothing is for free

There’s always someone that assumes the costs: almost always, You.

You think Facebook is free? You think Google is free?

Wrong! Just like Jaron Lanier said in his book Who Owns the Future , none of those services are really free. The cost is our privacy.

Today I was thinking about all the stuff that are given away for “free” on the internet. All of the knowledge, the wisdom, from this new kind of gurus give away and we fall for it.

When you give your email to somebody like Ramit Sethi, Tim Ferris, etc., you are letting them into your inbox. I did it and I have it full of “free stuff” that was created to “add value” to my life. Wrong, again.

That was created to encourage you to pay for what you just receive for free. The real cost is being indexed into the price you are “willing” to pay (after receiving 2 million emails a year) while you think this is free.

I think all of this guys are serious, but which is the real deal here? Are they really trying to help you? Is it really for free? If you later have to pay 1.200 USD a year to “complete the program” and to go from Zero to Launch?

I used to like Ramit, but now I prefer someone like Gary Vaynerchuk. He writes, he speaks, he has tons of free stuff on the web but, in appearance, he doesn’t try to sell you shit! He’s just marketing himself and how he lives.

There is no shortcut for becoming yourself. That’s life. And I’m just so pissed off on reading stuff on becoming this “Super Entrepreneurs” who will skyrocket his/her career and become the next Steve Jobs.

Fuck it! You know what, All I want; is to be Me. Maybe, you should want that too.

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