All I want; is to be Me.

Everyone is trying to be the best of the best. Creative genius, Superlearner, Serial entrepreneur, etc. Fuck that!

Self Energy — Tomás Gauthier

There is only; one Steve Jobs, one Bill Gates, one Zuckerberg, etc. And you know why? Because they weren’t trying to be anyone but themselves. They didn’t try to become someone they admire, they found their own path.

I sometime find myself searching in google; which is the best phone? which is the best pencil to draw? which is the best way to get productive? and I loose track of what I want and who I am!

This society has transformed everyone in some sort of Frankenstein, where we are forced to adopt pieces of everyone else to become someone. That’s very sad!

Our uniqueness is a primary skill that we should leverage every step of the way. By saying this, this I’m not trying to separate myself from doing the best work I can and from learning from others experiences. But, nothing surpases our own experience in this world.

So my personal advice to myself and to you is: fuck this productivity best of the best madness!; stay true to yourself, accept your limitations and try to improve them, not by becoming somebody else, but by leveraging your, already, perfect way of being you!

Thank you very much for reading this. If it makes sense or not, please comment and recommend.

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