Beware of how much you pay on the internet!

Dynamic Pricing is an old technique, but not as easy to accomplish as it is now.

Dynamic Pricing Example from Mind Valley.

The internet is a great place to consume media, buy stuff and learn. But, are we paying the “real” price of what we are consuming?

Today I had the chance to experienced something many friends have mentioned for a long time, but didn’t believe in it. Call me naive, but I thought this wasn’t possible.

I was a “victim” of the Dynamic Pricing Technique. This means that, the price of a product or service adapts “automatically” to the demand.

So, I was interested on a course from MindValley (by the way, it was a course of Creative Visualization and Personal Development). I got into the optin page, placed my name and e-mail and receive the classic welcoming mail. I haven’t yet expended any penny. I left the page open and I clicked on the button “I want to enroll” and a pricing comes along. 79 USD for a two payment plan option or a 129 USD for a single payment.

I went to see the email and clicked on the link. It took me to the same landing page that I went before but, to my surprise, the two payment plan was 10 bucks more expensive and the single payment was 20 USD expensier.

I know the rules of the system. But I’m really tired of “defending” myself against every possible way people find to earn more money. All this landing pages full of opinions from buyers -that sometimes doesn’t exist- and “as seen on” billboards are really making me sick.

So, I have a petition: why don’t we set a price for our work and be true enough to ourselves and others about it.

But more important, is to ask ourselves one question: Are we trying really to help others or become rich by taking advantage of people’s needs?

Please share, recommend or send me an email to discuss about it.

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