Creative loop

The space for your purpose.

The trajectory of creation is a never ending loop.

From a mathematical perspective, you need at least three points in space to generate an area. When you look for the definition of area you get: a space allocated for a specific purpose. So, you must be very “careful” on how you define those three points, because they will become the space for your purpose.

By Tomás Gauthier

Remember the Personal Soundbox post? The creative loop is a constant energy flow. It resonates, just as you and your team does, on this three points:

  1. Past: Experience.
  2. Present: Actions, as a pivot.
  3. Future: Vision.

This three elements [points] interact with each other generating the “space allocated for the specific purpose”. So, the importance of this is that your Personal Soundbox and your team’s, must resonates with the way this three elements are aligned.

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