The “political” side of every business

Don’t confuse politics with bureaucracy.

Politics (from Greek: πολιτικός politikos, definition “of, for, or relating to citizens”) is the making of a common decision for a group of people, that is, a uniform decision applying in the same way to all members of the group. It also involves the use of power by one person to affect the behavior of another person.

We are political beings. We manage expectations and promises with our clients, teams, investors, bosses, etc. We are constantly making decisions.

Therefor, it’s very important to be conscious about the importance of how we relate to people and how those decisions will generate an impact.

Almost every action done in a company [off course not all of the], depends on the “power” of the ONE person that is in charge. That’s why you should use you persuasion skills to base your idea or initiative and manage the politics.

Sometimes, politics is confused with bureaucracy. Don’t confuse them. Bureaucracy is lack of efficiency. Politics is the ability to negotiate, resonate and inspire.

Sadly, empathy has been removed from the “art of politics” and corruption made its entrance.

We must overcome it and transcend this awful version of it. How?…

Let’s re-incorporate empathy. Be aware! Inspire purpose and resonate.

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