What I’ve learned from Erlich Bachman?

The true entrepreneur. (fun~ish)

Erlich Barchman

Nowadays is key to make a difference and the only possible way to do that, is to be true to yourselves at every given time.

If you’ve seen the Silicon Valley TV series you must know Erlich. (if not, it’s time for you to see it) He is, according to Wikipediaa supremely confident and arrogant entrepreneur who founded an innovation incubator in his home after the purchase of his airfare collator Aviato” He also has the carpal tunnel syndrome, which is the reason why he no longer codes and, off course, he’s like the Snoop Dogg of entrepreneurs. (smoke weed everyday song)

He did it once. He sold his endeavor and now he just leverage his “knowledge” with newbies.

So, what I’ve learned from him?

  1. You must be arrogant a cocky -kind of- to succeed in a world full of bullshitters.
  2. You must believe in yourself. Sometimes, against all odds.
  3. No one, unless you’ve done something, will believe in you in the first place. (That’s why you must do and apply, 1 and 2)
  4. Know your stuff.
  5. Take everything for granted. (believing is seeing)
  6. Be true to yourself at all time.
  7. Never, sell yourself for the promise of stability.
  8. S̶m̶o̶k̶e̶ ̶w̶e̶e̶d̶. (not)(yes)(not)…
  9. Be careful and leery about your investors.
  10. Don’t call your company: either Aviato or Pied Piper.

Although, this may sound like shitty advice, nowadays is key to make a difference; and I think the only possible way to do that, is to follow number 6. Be true to yourselves at every given time.

You must go to: http://erlichbachmanwisdom.com

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