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Source: https://babyrulesdotme.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/superman-babyrulesme.jpg

When I was 7 years a Super Man costume got into my hands.

The first thing my parents told me was; “don’t try to fly, because you ain’t Super Man… it’s just a costume”. Off course, I did tried to fly!

I used to live in a condo with a long street where children played. I ran from the middle of the street and with all the strength and speed I reached: I jumped. My arms outstretched in the classic superhero position; the cape just waved into sky and through the wind.

I did it. I thought!

But, my flight was a very brief one. At that time, I didn’t know that according to the laws of physics, the trajectory of this “projectile” -that has no further input of energy- is something very close to this:

Source: https://physicslight.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/animated-projectile-motion/

Rather sooner than later, I landed on the floor. Me forehead smashed into the pavement. My nose started bleeding and there was blood all over my hands.

I ran toward my parents.

When they saw me with the Super Man costume and my destroyed forehead, they hug me, comfort me and gently laugh.

At the age of seven I had discovered what failure was and how dreams don’t always come true.

In entrepreneurship and in life, is the same. You have a dream. You pursuit it, but not every time you can achieve.

Don’t let gravity pull you down; you can fly too!

Sometimes, reality check is like a projectile trajectory. The important thing is to invest every energy you have to keep on flying.

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