Take care of yourself as an employee

Basic wisdom of my past six years as an employee.

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Disclaimer: What your are about to read is a don’ts list carefully delivered for you. It’s primary objective is to help you maintain your happiness and increase your chances of leaving a shitty job.

Expect anything from your boss.

Your boss is a person too (…not). Some people -when promoted to bosses- mutate into this special form of Trump meets Walter White. They become a #WTF version of themselves and right there, when you envision that, you should definitely Gump yourself out.

Accept a promotion without a salary uplift.

Unless you want to become your bosses “teddy bear”, you mustn’t accept it. As a society, we’ve come to the agreement that more responsibilities equals more salary; so, if a promotion starts with something like this: “I think this is an opportunity for you, but we can’t adjust your salary until next year…”, stop right there; assess your current situation, don’t engage! Next year, never comes.

Stay more than three years on the same company.

Only if they offer an interesting trade off; a paid master degree, more free time or working from home -or a free meal-, don’t stay. Unless you really LOVE what you are doing or you are a real mess. In the latter case, go to therapy and then leave!

Tell a great idea without an e-mail to back it up.

In the book Steal Like an Artist, Austin Kleon mentioned that every artist is a person who “steals” from others. This means to be inspired and to connect the dots from what is happening in the world through human creations. Your boss, unless he/she is a genius (only 0.25 % of the world population), will not do that.

Quick win: Do you know how to cc in Outlook? When you share a good idea in your working space, cc GOD. Period.

Make yourself “irreplaceable”.

As this is impossible, don’t ever believe if someone says this to you. Specially, when it comes from your boss’s mouth.

Promise something to yourself or others, unless you can deliver.

Engagement is key. When you are being passionate about something, you discover a very powerful driving force; that’s engagement. To keep it flowing, you must build trust in every way you possible can. So, if you can’t or you need help, say no and ask for support. Learn how and when to say no and please… NEVER lie to yourself. After all, if you don’t trust in you, how would anybody else do?


This not to-do list is kind of funny, but it has a profound meaning. As time passes so fast and life can end so abruptly, I think there is a personal obligation to set up some ground rules. This set of specific instructions -or don’ts- to self, must follow your driving force, your principles or whatever you want them to follow.

This list is my own way for setting those ground rules. Hope you find this useful and helps you create -or steal- yours too.

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