Hoy estuve pensando en la palabra empoderarse. Esta se refiere al proceso por el cual se aumenta la fortaleza espiritual, política, social o económica de los individuos y las comunidades para impulsar cambios positivos de las situaciones en que viven. (Wikipedia)

Entonces, ¿estoy realmente empoderado de mi persona? ¿He aumentado mi fortaleza espiritual, política, social y económica? Esta no es una pregunta trivial.

Empoderarse requiere de humildad y disciplina.

Para constituirnos como “oferta” para otros y para nosotros mismos, es necesario potenciar nuestros dones y habilidades, además de nuestras competencias. No es un proceso inmediato; mas bien requiere de un enorme compromiso y dedicación, para establecer donde radican nuestras fortalezas y oportunidades de mejora.

Uno de los temas centrales en mi búsqueda ha sido éste. El cómo y desde que lugar utilizo todo aquello que he ido adquiriendo a través del tiempo, para fluya y encuentre su máximo potencial.

Empoderarse requiere de humildad y disciplina. Humildad para saber manejar el inmenso poder que cada uno de nosotros tiene como creador de nuestras realidades y disciplina, para sostener aquellas experiencias de aprendizaje que se irán sucediendo.

Cultural API

The process for obtaining the cultural instances of an organization I think is very similar to how an API works.

An API is set of routines, protocols and tool for building software applications and an application program (app or application for short) is a computer program designed to perform a group of coordinated functions, tasks, or activities for the benefit of the user. (Wikipedia)

If we establish that our brain functions as a very complex computer running lots of programs at the same time. And if we think our thoughts, behaviors, emotions and the way we interact with the environment, as our apps or softwares, is time to really consider that every organization -system- has an API running in the “cloud”, to which our brain -through the senses- connects all day long during our interactions which that particular system.

In order for it to work, we need to have an specific repertoire of “connectors”, language and structure in order for it to work.

In this API, there is the Library of all the ways in which we should behave, think and interact. It’s not consciously design in every way. Sometimes there are a few programs running that hasn’t been approved by anyone, although nobody validates them, they are still being access by our senses.

All of this routines and protocols, are at our disposal and it’s our duty to access to them daily. But, how do we access?

All the information regarding this matters are “accesible” by everyone that’s part of it.

As I said before is an unconscious process, but it supervised by our senses. It is felt in the body and it’s being transmitted by words. In all of our daily interactions with our organizations -including chit chats with our colleagues- is being access and we can’t run from it.

But, what if we have a compatibility issue? As in any software or process, we need to have an specific repertoire of “connectors”, language and structure in order for it to work. That’s way not everyone is suitable for a particular organization. But it’s on the very interest of it, that API works as it should and it’s openness can be shared.

It all comes down to this; the culture of an organization is a set of values, routines and protocol, among other things, that makes that particular construct special and unique. All the information regarding this matters are “accesible” by everyone that’s part of it. Nevertheless, is responsibility of the organization as a hole to make this API “up” and running.